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Band Baajaa Bride

Band Baajaa Bride: Watch as ace designer Sabyasachi and his team of experts take up the challenge of giving Management Consultant Manya Kohli a dream makeover.

Lady Of Tarot Book Launch

Maanya Kohli, who has predicted the future of stars like Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Pooja Gupta, was seen rehearsing her speech with her friends minutes before the book launch. But she took to the stage rather confidently and talked about her book, Calling The Cards. “The book takes you into the mystical world of tarot, wherein I have given detailed predictions for the year ahead,” she said. and also…..

Pandemic Panic has Increased the Demand for Astrologers, Tarot Readers and Energy Healers

For a freelance writer navigating a tough job market, I probably shouldn’t have spent as much on tarot readings and manifestation courses as I did in 2020. However, once you fall through the rabbit hole of love readings that are generic enough to resonate with most and sleep affirmations that kind of feel good, you begin to ponder the premium experience. 

Tarot card reader maanya kohli

Tarot card predictions for b’day girl Sonakshi.. Sonakshi Sinha might be one-hit-old in Bollywood, but she already has her kitty full with high-on-masala movies. But will she continue her success streak in the coming year? Tarot card reader Maanya Kohli predicts for the latest Chammak Challo in town on her 25th birthday.


What the Cards have to say about you

For many of you, it’s all good news this Diwali. And right here is tarot card reader Maanya Sharma’s predictions and tips for the 12 zodiac signs.

Top 5 Numerologists in Bangalore

Maanya started practising tarot 13 years ago and helped a lot of family and friends. Then gradually read and practised numerology too.
Maanya writes about tarot and spirituality for various established publications. Her column appears every Sunday in Deccan Chronicle and every Saturday in Asianet. She has authored a book on Tarot in 2009-2010. She consults out of her studio in Bangalore.

Know Thyself Through Tarot - With Maanya Kohli, Lady of Tarot

“Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.” – Theresa Cheung. Get insights into your true self and take full control of your destiny. Presenting a Tarot experience that will help you know yourself better, understand your strengths and areas of development to accelerate your mental, emotional and spiritual growth. This workshop is conducted by internationally acclaimed Tarot Card Reader and Deccan Chronicle Columnist, Maanya Kohli, Lady of Tarot.