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Lady of Tarot, Maanya Kohli: Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Deccan Chronicle Columnist, and Author title=Lady of Tarot: Maanya Kohli

Lady of Tarot: Maanya Kohli

Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Deccan Chronicle Columnist, and Author

A Little Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Maanya Kohli. I am a spiritual entrepreneur trying to decode life’s mysteries via Tarot and Numerology. I believe that Tarot is a tool for divinity and the cards can be a spiritual guide in various life situations.

Hope our paths cross someday…
God Bless!

Meet Maanya Kohli, Lady of Tarot

A Tarot Card Reader and a Numerologist by profession. A Soul Samaritan otherwise!!! Fascinated by the occult since her childhood, Maanya has been practicing astrology, tarot, and numerology for numerous years, although for the past 13 years she has been concentrating her energies on Tarot. A successful Management Consultant by profession, Maanya was working with top organizations in the US, until she quit her job and moved to Bengaluru to pursue her passion for guiding people via Tarot.

A highly intuitive lady, Maanya uses tarot as a tool to get in touch with the Higher Self. She uses her knowledge of astrology, numerology, and tarot to give in-depth predictions to her clients and suggests effective and simple remedies to help her clients discover peace and happiness.

Maanya Kohli writes about tarot and spirituality for various established publications, including Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age. In addition, she has written a book on Tarot, Calling the Cards, and has appeared on various shows across television channels and has predicted the future of
famous personalities including Bollywood, Tollywood and Television stars.

Besides her zeal for Tarot, she is passionate about helping the underprivileged and is closely associated with non-profit organizations working in the field of education and healthcare.