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Tarot Services

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Tarot Readings

One Question Tarot Reading:
If you have an important question or need to make a life-changing decision, you may opt for this reading. This reading involves reading the cards to answer a pertinent question or enable you to make important decisions.

Detailed Tarot Reading:
This an in-depth reading that generally lasts for half an hour. It includes a generic reading, answering all your queries, providing life guidance and suggesting remedies if required. This is our most popular and effective Tarot Card Reading session.

Numerology Analysis

Get your name analyzed and find out your lucky colors and numbers. You may also use numerology name your baby so that he or she gets a name, which is favorable and auspicious! You can use numerology to select a name for your business, or a movie to maximize your profits. Try numerology, it works!

Parties and Corporate Events

Personal Tarot card reading sessions are organized for birthday parties, weddings, brunches and corporate events. Maanya loves giving readings when people are out enjoying themselves. There’s a special magical ‘vibe’ that adds an extra dimension to the angelic messages that come through. She will be happy to travel to the venue by prior arrangement. Please call +91 9013486847 for details.

Tarot Workshops

Tarot card workshops for employees of various companies are organized by Lady of Tarot. This workshop gives a sneak peek into the universe of Tarot and how the Tarot cards interact with our subconcious mind. Furthermore, it  helps facilitate employee engagement and Fun@Work sessions.

We have already organized such Tarot card workshops for organizations, including Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd, Times of India group, Webber Shandwick, etc. Please call +91 9013486847 for details.