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Find your Power Crystal by Lady of Tarot


Lady of Tarot is proud to present Beracah, jewelry that beckons blessings!!!

Beracah Story

I am a spiritual entrepreneur and have been practicing Tarot and Numerology for over 13 years. Through out my metaphysical journey, I suggest solutions to various life problems using the power of prayers, vedic chants, and crystals. In fact, these innocent looking crystals have magical energies that can affect the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our lives. The roadblock that I face is that most people are unaware of the power of crystals, or are beguiled by jewelers selling fake stones. Even if one manage to get natural crystals, they do not know how to activate and energize these crystals to draw on its immense powers.

And so the need for Beracah…Beracah literally means ‘Blessings’ in Hebrew. It is a one-stop solution for all your crystal needs. You can select jewelry based on its metaphysical and healing properties or jewelry based on your own Zodiac sign. What’s more, all these crystals are cleansed, energized, and activated by your very own Lady of Tarot to enhance its metaphysical powers!

So, Seven Blessings to you my dears. Go grab your Beracah now…